Tips For A Person Applying for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

• Apply as soon as you and your doctor consider you disabled, as you could loss entitlement by applying late.

• Keep detailed records of all doctor appointments dates, times, traveling time, waiting time to see doctors etc. Also, detail how your daily living has been affected.

• When completing the forms i.e. “Questionnaire for Disability Benefits” think out all replies before writing anything, even add pages if you have to.

• Keep a record of all medications and record dosage or any reactions you may have.

• Make sure that all medical evidence about your condition is on file.

What if you are denied benefits?

It is estimated that there is a loss of up to $70,000.00 of entitlement to clients who do not pursue Canada Pension Plan disability benefits. Many disabled clients are receiving monthly disability benefits from Insurance Companies and do not see the purpose in pursuing Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits after they have been denied. By not pursuing and securing their Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits can result in reduced retirement benefits and in some cases jeopardize their family to possible future entitlements to Canada Pension Plan benefits should they pass away.

The biggest mistake a person can make if they are denied a Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit and if they believe they are disabled, is not to request a “Reconsideration” of the decision that denied their benefit. The “Reconsideration” is the first level of a three level appeal process.


In closing, it is a sad reality that many of the clients who are initially denied Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits relinquish and never pursue the issue because of legislative imposed deadlines and the demanding qualification process that often compounds their health problems.

If they are turned down on the initial application they should not become discouraged! Maybe they need the assistance of a person who is specialized in handling such cases.

Should you have questions concerning any Canada Pension Plan benefit, please feel free to contact
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