In order to protect the privacy of our clients we use initials and geographic locations rather than names and addresses

“When I checked my account this morning, sure enough the retroactive payment from Canada Pension Plan was there as you predicted. Thank you once again for all the effort you put into achieving this result, not one I believed was possible and it would not have been without your assistance.” - A.L. Ontario

“Thanks for your help. I don’t think I could have done it on my own.” - G.T. East Coast

“Without your help I am sure I would still be spinning my tires and getting nowhere fast. From start to finish you have handled my case with not only professionalism but with compassion as well. It’s been a very difficult road to be on as many people simply do not understand all of the ramifications my medical problems present on a daily basis. Your encouragement and persistence has kept me going throughout. I could not have asked for any better.

“Thank-you.” - D.R Ontario

“I received over three thousand dollars in back payments and an increase of eighty dollars in monthly Canada Pension. How many are losing out on what is owed to them.” - C.S. Alberta

“At this time I would like to express my thanks for a service that is very much needed. How many people have been short changed by Canada Pension Plan. Whatever the reason, it sure is great to know there is someone out there to keep the government honest and to help we little people who desperately need very penny.” - D.P Western Canada

“Thank you for your continued attention to our problem.
You were successful in obtaining everything we are entitled to. Yours truly.” - A.C. N.B.

“Great Stuff!!”
- M.B Ontario

“I wish to thank you sincerely for all your effort on my behalf.”
- L.A B.C.

“Thank you again for settling my case so quickly. I’ll continue to tell others about your business and how you helped me.”
- N. Sask.

“I’m sure you know only to well the difference you are making in a lot of lives.”
- E.M.Ontario

“Had my son not seen your ad in one of Toronto’s papers and ultimately persuaded me to “give it a go” I would not have known that such a thing was just sitting there waiting to be claimed and I am indeed grateful to you and your company. Again, many thanks.”
G.E.A. Ontario

“Thank-you for getting my Canada Pension Plan, I am grateful for what you have done.”
B.T. N.S.

“Thank-you for your care and concern regarding my Canada Pension Plan benefits I thought I would never see the retroactive pay. From the time I first made contact with you it took just over 9 months.
Thanks again.” - T.M B.C.


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