About The Retirement Planning Institute and its Canada Pension Plan Benefit Representation and Audit Service

The Retirement Planning Institute (RPI) has been specializing in retirement planning seminars since 1996.
In 2000, it expanded its services in order to assist Canadians with regards to all their Canada Pension Plan entitlements.

Having assisted thousands of individuals prepare financially, RPI recognized the need to expand its services to assist individuals in respect to the Canada Pension Plan. To do so, RPI recruited Mr. Mike Moreland, who manages this service. Mr. Moreland had over 25 years of experience as a member of the Canada Pension Plan staff and has years of experience in dealing with all Canada Pension Plan issues.


To bring Canada Pension Plan expertise to the individual by offering two services.

1. Representation of clients for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

With the RPI on your side, you do not have to struggle with confusing government forms meeting short time frames and deadlines as our expert staff only specialize in Canada Pension Plan issues. We make the Disability Application process less confusing and less intimidating as you will have:

• A specialized representative will handle your claim at each level, working up front and behind the scenes.

• RPI assists with the completion of forms and in the gathering of relevant medical records and documents to simplify and expedite the application process.

If RPI accepts your case after our in depth evaluation ($150.00 see fees), you will not pay another fee if you do not receive your Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit.

2. Benefit Audit Service for persons already receiving a Canada Pension Plan Benefit (See Audit application)

We know that a significant number of Canada Pension Plan benefit recipients are in fact receiving less than what they are entitled to. The Canada Pension Plan legislation is complex and has been modified regularly since inception in 1966. As a result, individuals are often not receiving the correct entitlements to benefits with respect to retirement, disability and/or survivorship. These benefits are only payable upon submission of properly completed applications and supporting documentation by the beneficiary.

Failures to complete the Canada Pension Plan application or an improperly completed application are the main reasons for lower benefits. The good news is that when alerted, the Canada Pension Plan will adjust payments – retroactively! Even a small correction to benefits can represent thousands of dollars in retroactive payments.

Upon application for an audit, RPI reviews the individual’s file by requesting specific information from the C/QPP and comparing it to the information provided by the applicant. Should there be any discrepancies that would benefit the applicant, RPI takes the necessary action to get the C/QPP account rectified and in doing so, delivers additional benefit to the individual.

RPI’s experience to date with a large Canadian Association has showed that as many as 1 in 7 audit reviews has resulted in corrections yielding retroactive payments to the applicant. Such retroactive payments have varied in magnitude from a few hundred dollars to more than twenty thousand dollars.

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