The First Step
The Canada Pension Plan Benefit Application Appeal Process
Evaluation to determine the likelihood of eligibility fee $150.00.

Consists of the following:

• Submitting a letter requesting a reconsideration or an appeal to the Review Tribunal on your behalf (if required)

• requesting a copy of your Canada Pension Plan file

• Conducting an in depth review of the documentation on the Canada Pension Plan file and determine if the Canada Pension Plan interpreted the evidence correctly

• Advising you if you should proceed with the process

• You then determine if you wish RPI to represent you

Representation Cost:

You will not pay an additional fee if you don’t receive your Canada Pension Plan Benefit and there are no costs other than the representation fee. We do not charge for expenses such as travel or for collecting medical records.

If benefits are approved the fee is 20% of the retroactive dollar amount awarded. Those who are approved quickly at the application level and receive their retroactive award sooner pay much less.

• Example: If awarded a $1000 monthly benefits and the award is retroactive 12 months ($12,000), your fee would be $2,400 (.20 X $12,000)

All your monthly payments going forward are yours


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