The Canada Pension Plan Disability Application Process

The purpose of the Canada Pension Plan Disability benefit is to provide a form of income to people under the age of 65, who have contributed to the Plan for the required period of time and are unable to work because of a disability.

The first step at RPI is have a low cost disability evaluation completed to determine the likelihood of eligibility, develops an accurate record and guides applicants through the disability process. As the RPI process is efficient and its professionals are so familiar with the Canada Pension Plan process the granting of benefits is much higher than the average.

There are 4 levels in the Canada Pension Plan application and appeal process.

Level One – Application:
An RPI representative will help complete all forms and develop the case and submit medical documentation to the Canada Pension Plan.

Level Two – Reconsideration:
If the initial disability application is denied, there is a 90 day time frame to ask for a Reconsideration of the application.
The RPI representative will complete, the documentation asking for the reconsideration, review and submit additional documentation to the Canada Pension Plan.

Level Three – Review Tribunal Hearing:
If the reconsideration is denied, there is a 90 day time frame to submit a letter of appeal to the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals. The RPI representative will prepare all the required documents to meet the 90 day time frame. The goal of RPI is have the benefit granted prior to a Review Tribunal Hearing in order to minimize the stress and hardship for a disabled individual. If the case proceeds to a hearing, the RPI representative briefs our client prior to the hearing procedures and will attend the hearing in person or via teleconference.

Level Four – Pension Appeals Board (PAB):
If the Review Tribunal Hearing ends in a denial, the RPI representative will submit a Leave to Appeal (requesting permission to appeal) to the Board within the 90 day time frame. If Leave to Appeal is granted the RPI representative will submit additional medical evidence to the Board and prepare the client for the hearing.


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